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4"x6" Displayed in a traditional black frame with white matting

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4"x6" Vertical Design

Displayed on a wall


4"x6" Horizontal Design, Displayed on a wall or with the provided easel

Art Examples:

All of our letter art uses our custom rail system that is designed and built by us in our letter art design shop.

Our 4”x6” frame option displays our photos in a “floating” glass frame.  Since there is no actual frame around the letter art photos, the art work does look like it is floating. Each 4”x6” frame is backed with a 1/8” thick piece of 4”x 6” MDF and each photo is protected on the front by a 4”x6” piece of glass which is held in place by clips. Each 4’x6” frame is attached to our custom designed double rail system. The advantage of our double rail system is that when the art work is hung on the wall it will lay flat on the wall and will not tilt.

The horizontal letter art work can be displayed in two different ways.  Two hangers are included on the back of the rail system so the design can be hung on the wall.  We also include a 4 inch tall black twisted wire easel which enables the design to easily be displayed on a mantel, a table, or a shelf in the home or in an office.

We look forward to sharing our letter art photos with you.  We hope you have fun and enjoy the opportunity to share your creativity and thoughtfulness with the people you care about in your life.

We welcome questions and ideas, so please feel free to use the Contact Us page to get in touch.
We have personally photographed all of our letter art and we pride ourselves in offering our customers over 900 unique different letter options.

Our website includes a Customize Your Own Art section where you can actually create your own design.  Our site also has a Collegiate Collection section, an On Location section spotlighting PARIS and ITALY, and don’t miss our Home Décor section.

We offer our letter art work in two different orientations.  We offer our customers both vertical and horizontal display options in our 4”x6” line. Our customers have requested the vertical option for those special skinny wall locations.  You can decide whether horizontal or vertical will work best for you.

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